2022 STC

the professional solution
for narrow trails


carry everything you need
conveniently and safely


Improve efficiency and reduce costs for trail construction & maintenance.

cost effective

Make the most of your trail building and maintenance budget.


The equipment deck can be configured to carry a variety of tools, equipment, and materials.

Bolt on tool holders and gas can holders provide easy transportation for common items.

  • Long Handle Tool Holder with Quick Release
  • Gas Can Holder with Quick Release
  • Tools & Supplies Storage


tank and saddle bags

Allows for the storage of small and light objects such as first aid kits, flashlights, clothing and more. These bags are easily removed and can be used in any combination from none to three bags.

adjustable seat

The seat height can be adjusted for terrain and rider height. This enhances travel through technical trail sections and keeps the center of gravity low for stability. Additionally, the seat can be removed and replaced with one that fits the rider's preference.

universal hitch

The Single Track Cat has a multifunction hitch system to tow both single wheel and dual wheel trailers. The ability to tow trailers extends the project options by increasing the carrying capacity. It can be configured to tow trailers made by a variety of manufacturers.

adjustable wheelbase

The wheelbase is adjustable for trail conditions to improve handling. A shorter wheelbase setting allows for tighter turns while a longer wheelbase setting adds stability when climbing, descending, or towing a trailer.

configurable drive system

The rear drive can be configured for a single wheel, tandem wheel, or track drive. The future optional tandem drive provides a 2-wheel drive system for improved traction, climbing, and descending through technical trail sections. The future optional track drive fits onto the tandem drive unit and is intended primarily for winter use for the packing and grooming of snow-covered trails.


There are two Single Track Cat models available: the Standard Model and the Pro Model. The main difference between them is that the Pro Model has electric start, a high wattage generator to power a headlight, a LED whip light, a horn and a pulsing warning horn. The Pro Model also has a speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature and run-time meter. It has a power outlet for charging phones and running auxiliary equipment.

The tool holders can be located as needed and includes a chain saw press, gas can holders and long tool holders (for shovels, picks, rakes, brush saws, etc.). All the holders feature a quick tool release system. The tool deck is covered with a durable urethane coating of the same type used for truck bed liners. The saddle bags are useful for carrying items such as food, clothing, first aid kit, cell phone, etc.

Trailer Towing


The Single Track Cat is designed to tow trailers. The multilink hitch design provides for maximum articulation between the motorcycle and trailer. A trailer is available that has been specially designed for use with the Single Track Cat. Other trailers can also be used.

The Single Track Cat has three mounting positions for the rear axle. This provides the option of having a short, medium or long wheelbase. A short wheelbase is helpful for trails with tight turns while a long wheelbase provides better stability for climbing, descending, or towing a trailer.

200cc ENGINE

The 200cc fan-cooled design allows it provide full power while traveling at low speeds without overheating. The maximum RPM is governor-controlled to prevent engine overspeed.


The Single Track Cat uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT) coupled to a gearbox. The gearbox provides an additional gear reduction for improved rear wheel torque. The use of a CVT transmission eliminates the need for a clutch and for shifting gears while moving.


$9,450 USD
$11,860 USD
Long Handle Tool Holders 4 4
Gas Can Holders 2 2
Chainsaw Press
Adjustable Seat Height
Universal Hitch
Hand Guards
USFS Approved Spark Arrestor Muffler
Adjustable Wheelbase
12V Electrical System with Lithium Battery
Keyed Ignition
Electric Start
Horn and Pulsating Horn
Led Whip Light
Speedometer, Tachometer, Hour Meter
Air Compressor
12V Power Outlet for Auxiliary Equipment
Tank and Saddle Bags
Insulated Cooler
Dry Bag



ENGINE: Standard Honda / PRO GX200 Honda GX200 with Electric Start and 50W Charging Coils


TRANSMISSION: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
FINAL DRIVE: #520 Sealed Chain


FORK: 120mm Travel, Adjustable Air Spring, Adjustable Compression, Rebound Settings.

Front Wheel

TIRE: 26x2.7" Flotation
WHEEL: 26"x82mm Aluminum
BRAKES: Hydraulic Brake with 208mm Rotor

Rear Wheel

TIRE: 22-10x8" Flotation
WHEEL: D: 8", W: 7" Aluminum
BRAKES: Hydraulic Brake with 220mm Rotor


DIMENSIONS: L: 2.4m, H: 1.1m, W: 0.7m


Capacity: 3.1L
EXHAUST SYSTEM: Custom Exhaust with USFS Approved Spark Arrester